Scale Tapper 2.0 and All That Jazz App

As a versatile musicians tool, the Scale Tapper app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch is a great way to mellow out with some cool Jazz music. Whether it’s scales or chords you are looking for Scale Tapper will help you locate and create that unique Jazz sound you need.

A common scale used in Jazz is the Melodic Minor Scale. Let’s step out of the box and look at the key of G♭. Melodic Minor is one of the scales that comes included in Scale Tapper so just select it from the list. Rotate the pitch constellation to G♭ and you’re ready for some smooth Jazz sound in G♭ Melodic Minor. In the chord-scale system this scale corresponds to the Minor Major 7th chord, also one of the built-in chords.

Melodic Minor and Minor Major 7th in the key of G-flat.

With the built-in Musical Grand Staff support you can also visualize and listen to these scales and chords as well as jump octaves and change keys all from the same screen. Whether you read treble clef, bass clef, or even bass or guitar tab you will be able to transpose the scale or chord for that characteristic Jazz feel.

Visualize and listen to Jazz scales on the Musical Grand Staff.

Another couple of Jazz favorites are the Pentatonic Scale (whether in Major or Minor) or the Harmonic Minor Scale. These are all included with Scale Tapper. Scale Tapper is by no means limited to Jazz, also included are scales like the Hexatonic Blues scales, as well as your popular Church modes (Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, etc). But what if your scale or chord does not exist? The Altered Dominant Scale (another popular Jazz favorite) is not on the list. No worries. Your favorite scales and chords can be added by tapping the “+” Add button. Let’s add the Altered Dominant in the key of C. Then later you can change key or transpose it to any mode you desire. If you Double-Tap on a note in the Pitch Constellation it will shift the notes for a mode change. Or rotate the wheel to easily change keys.

Adding new Jazz scales and chords is a tap away.

Scale Tapper has a bunch of other features that we haven’t covered such as the Interactive Fretboard for string players. There’s also a Chord and Scale search function that instantly finds the right scale and chord based on the key and notes you tapped. In addition Scale Tapper also comes equipped various custom themes to suit your mood.

As you can see Scale Tapper is a great tool for Jazz musicians or Blues or Bebop or whatever your musical genre. To check out some of the other features in Scale Tapper be sure to check out the Scale Tapper home page. Scale Tapper is available as an app for iPad and iPhone, but if you don’t have these devices there’s also an online version available at Scale Tapper: Online.


6 Reasons to get Scale Tapper 2.0

Adapted from the five reasons listed on the Scale Tapper Home Page:

Stave Notation – Color-coded musical grand staff with customizable octaves. Jump octaves and switch between notes in a flash, listen to and visualize scales in ascending and descending mode with built-in playback.

Scale Tapper: Stave Control

Musical Staff for both Bass and Treble Clef

Pitch Wizard (aka Pitch Constellation Search) – Instantly find scales and chords. Enter the notes on the pitch constellation and tap search. What chord is B-D-F♯-A? If you had Scale Tapper you would know that is B Minor 7th.

Scale Tapper: Pitch Wizard search function

Search for Scales and Chords by Note

⒊ Built-in Tablatures! – Stave Control is now complete with Auto-Tablatures. No matter what string instrument you play from a 3-string balalaika to a 12-string guitar these tabs automatically adjust to your tuning. In conjunction with the color-coded notes on the musical staff instantly locate these same notes on the built-in tabs.

Scale Tapper: Auto-tablatures

Tablatures automatically adapt to your tuning and instrument

⒋ Become any stringed instrument you desire – For all you Oud and Alto Guitar players, Scale Tapper 2.0 now supports 11-stringed instruments. On the iPad app you can select between 3 to 12 strings, any tuning. On iPhone and iPod touch app you can select between 3 to 6 strings.

⒌ Jam out on the Interactive Fretboard  – Any tuning, any time. Configure your layout, select your scale or chord, pinch to zoom in and out, and jam!

Scale Tapper: Interactive Fretboard

Jam out on the Interactive Fretboard

6. Scale Tapper is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Scale Tapper 2.0 brings some of the most requested features in the palms of your hands. Please comment and tell us your thoughts. Scale Tapper is for music education, professional musicians, and innovative people like you that make this all possible. Don’t have an iOS device? Check out the online version at Scale Tapper: Online.

Scale Tapper 2.0 Leaked by Disgruntled Developer

The release of Scale Tapper 2.0 is now imminent. As the video shows there are some new upcoming features in the next version. Among these are the new Pitch Wizard (aka Pitch Constellation Search), Stave Control, Auto-Tablatures, and other Scale Tapper goodness. Be sure to follow this blog for more articles on some of the other new features in the coming days up to the 2.0 release. Have an idea of a feature you would like covered? Drop a note in the comments section. Don’t have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch? Check out Scale Tapper: Online at

As seen in the video the Stave Control brings full musical staff controls supporting both bass and treble clef. With Auto-Tablatures fully-configurable tablatures automatically adjust to your selected tuning. Need to locate the Pentatonic Scale on a Drop D Bass guitar? Working out chord progressions on a 12-string guitar? The iPad version supports any instrument, any tuning from 3 to 12 strings. The color-coded notes indicate exactly how to play it on both the musical stave and on the custom-tuned tab.

It doesn’t stop there. Maybe you don’t have your string instrument handy. You can also listen to the scales note by note or in chord form using the built-in playback function. Instantly change the tonic key of the scale or root note of the chord as well as jump octaves by simply tapping the on-screen buttons. Tip: Transpose the octave of the staff by changing the Base Octave in the Settings.

With the release date fast approaching be sure to follow @ScaleTapper on Twitter for the latest news and release info. Check in for free promo code giveaways. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for more Scale Tapper videos. Don’t forget ScaleTapper will be on sale this weekend 14 Sep so if you can’t score a free copy be sure to get it on sale. Scale Tapper 2.0 is a free update if you already have a copy so grab yours today!

Scale Tapper is the Scales, Chords, and Music Theory app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Download it now at:

Top 12 Chemicals You Should Not Feed Your Dog

Be sure to check out 愛犬おやつ for iPhone and learn how to prepare healthy nutritional meals with your dog.

You probably already know certain foods like chocolate can be toxic to your furry friend. But do you know the exact chemical culprits that can cause severe illness and even death in your dog? Here we name twelve chemicals you should keep away from your pet and their common food sources. As with all medical advice please consult with your dog’s nutritionist or canine care specialist and help your dog enjoy a long healthy life.

1. Ethanol (C₂HO₆) – Alcoholic beverages and raw dough

3D molecule of ethanol

Ethanol molecule

While the ethanol molecule may partially resemble a dog, it’s probably preferable if your pooch passes on the pint. While alcohol is dangerous in its own right, it is also a byproduct produced when yeast expands. For this reason you should not give your dog raw dough or other raw foods containing yeast.

2. Persin (C₂₃H₄₀O₄) – Guacamole
IUPAC name: (R, 12E,15E)-2-Hydroxy-4-oxohenicosa-12,15-dienyl acetate

The seeds, stems, bark, and leaves of avocados contain persin. This is another chemical your dog should most likely avoid. While in small amounts the actual flesh of the fruit may help to add shine to your pet’s coat, you may want to think twice before letting Fido down an entire bowl of guacamole at the half-time party.

3. Myristicin (C₁₁H₁₂O₃) – Nutmeg
IUPAC name: 6-allyl-4-methoxy-1,3-benzodioxole

3D molecule of Myristicin

Myristicin molecule

Bowser should probably skip the eggnog, especially the spiked variety (See chemical #1). But also because nutmeg contains Myristicin. Myristicin is also soluble in ethanol, even more reason for your dog to skip the holiday brew.

4. Caffeine (C₈H₁₀N₄O₂) – Tea, Coffee, Cola, Medicines, Chocolate
IUPAC name: 1,3,7-trimethyl-1H-purine-2,6(3H,7H)-dione

Another reason not to give your dog chocolate (See chemical #7). Caffeine is also found in many beverages. An energy drink may give you wings, but it could be fatal for your dog. Even small amounts of coffee grounds or used tea bags could contain a toxic dose of caffeine.

5. Thiosulphate (S₂O₃²⁻) – Onions and Garlic

Whether raw, cooked, or in powdered form these can pose risks of anemia when given in continual amounts. While garlic contains natural anitmicrobial properties it is better to check with your vet before you consider self-medicating your pet with these potent alliums.

6. Xylitol (C₅H₁₂O₅) – Gum, candy, diet foods, toothpaste
IUPAC name: (2R,4S)-Pentane-1,2,3,4,5-pentol

High levels of this chemical can cause a drop in blood sugar levels of your dog which could be fatal. It may also be responsible for liver damage and there is no really good reason to feed your dog these types of foods. It is better to be safe and avoid giving this to your pet.

7. Theobromine (C₇H₈N₄O₂) – Chocolate
IUPAC name: 3,7-dimethyl-1H-purine-2,6-dione

This is probably the most famous of the toxic foods for dogs. Due to the rate at which animals metabolize this chemical theobromine chemical can build up in their system causing complications, seizures, and even death.

8. Amygdalin (C₂₀H₂₇NO₁₁) – Peach and apricot pits
IUPAC name: [(6-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-β-D-glucopyranosyl)oxy](phenyl)acetonitrile

3D molecule of Amygdalin

Amygdalin molecule

Also found in varying quantities in Apples, Cherries, Plums, and related fruits. Amygdalin is metabolized in the body into Hydrogen Cyanide. This is equally toxic to humans as well as pets. While you probably would not eat large quantities of fruit seeds it’s probably best not to give these to your pet either.

9. AvidinRaw egg whites

While egg yolks may help give your pet a shiny coat it may be better to avoid the egg whites. Egg whites of both birds and reptiles contain avidin which can interfere with biotin absorption. Raw eggs have also been known to contain salmonella, another reason to keep your dog out of the chicken coup.

10. Sodium Chloride (NaCl) – Salt

While you might give your horse a salt lick, it’s may not be such a bright idea to give your dog. While your dog does need some salt in its diet it probably should stay away from junk foods which contain large amounts of salt.

11. Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO₃) – Baking Soda and Powder

While you probably wouldn’t feed your dog a bowl full of baking soda or baking powder, it is probably best to keep these out of your pets reach. When consumed in large quantities these can be dangerous to your pets health.

12. Sucrose (C₁₂H₂₂O₁₁) – Sugar
IUPAC name: (2R,3R,4S,5S,6R)-2-[(2S,3S,4S,5R)-3,4-dihydroxy-2,5-bis(hydroxymethyl)oxolan-2-yl]oxy-6-(hydroxymethyl)oxane-3,4,5-triol

Like salt you should probably limit your dog’s intake of table sugar for many of the same reasons you would limit sugar yourself. Dogs can become susceptible to the same sugar-induced diseases as humans including tooth decay, diabetes and obesity.

In addition to these known chemicals there are also various unknown chemicals that can also pose threats. Grapes, Raisins, and Macadamia Nuts can cause serious problems to your dog’s health.

Some dogs may also have food allergies as well that may be specific to your particular pet. In addition various human medicines can cause complications in dogs. These include Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, and Pseudoephedrine. With all medicines its best to consult a dog specialist or veterinarian before your pooch pops your pills.

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Cook for your dog? Nutritional iPhone App | 愛犬おやつ

In association with East Press, Difint is excited by the new release of 愛犬おやつ for iPhone and iOS devices.

Do you love your dog? Do you want your dog to eat a healthy balanced diet? Designed by leading nutrition consultant Nagisa Nara, 愛犬おやつ features 60 recipes for creating well-balanced meals for your favorite family pet. Every recipe contains full-color photos and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. In addition to the recipes there are special sections with additional information on how best to care for your dog’s culinary needs. This app also features built-in calculators to customize your menu based on your dog’s nutrition. 愛犬おやつ is sure to please not only your dog but you and your budget as well.

DogSnack iPhone ScreenShot

Nutritional fun for you and your dog.

The family dog is important. Feeding a dog can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why you need this free app for iPhone. With easy-to-prepare meals 愛犬おやつ takes the guesswork out of making wholesome treats for your canine companion. Calculate your dog’s daily caloric and water needs and then design a special feast just for her. Imagine the smile on Fido’s face as you prepare a loving homemade meal together. Imagine your dog living a long healthy life because you cared enough to download a free copy of 愛犬おやつ for iPhone. Why pay for expensive commercial dog food when you can make nutrionally-balanced meals at home based on your dog’s personal health needs.

This app also contains special Q&A including how to feed your dog vegetables and other homemade snacks. Also included in the recipes are special World recipes, with food from around the world your doggy will surely wag its tail in delight. If your dog could talk he would say, ‘Download this App today!’ For less than the cost of a can of expensive store-bought commercial dog food, you can give your doggy the gift of a lifetime. You scratch your dog’s belly why not scratch your dog’s culinary itch? Your dog will howl with joy!

A welcome addition to every dog lover’s iPhone. 愛犬おやつ is currently available on the Japan iTunes App Store with Japanese translation. Download a free copy of the app today, your dog will love you more than ever.

Read the full press release (in Japanese) on DreamNews: Press Release for 愛犬おやつ.

New Scale Tapper video on YouTube

Mainly just wanting to check out the WordPress/YouTube video embedding support. (Edit: Wow that was simple just drop in the URL on its own line.) Here is a new video for the upcoming releasing of Scale Tapper 1.2. The major new change is the Theme selector featuring exciting new themes like Blue, Bamboo, and Pink. The Classic Scale Tapper theme is also available for all you die hard Scale-Tappers.

The new update should drop June 3rd, but meanwhile you can check out @ScaleTapper on Twitter. I will be giving out free promo codes all week leading up to the Sunday update. Do not hesitate to grab a copy of Scale Tapper before the new release because you will automatically receive the free update. For now you can still check out some of the hallmark features of Scale Tapper:

  • Interactive pitch constellations – A pitch constellation lays out your scale or chord and allows you to quickly visualize the relation between tones and semitones. Double tap on a note to transpose any sequence of notes to any key in both sharp and flat modes.
  • Fully-customizable fretboard – Tune your fretboard across 7 octaves and select between 3-12 strings for iPad (up to 6 strings on iPhone). This allows you to create any stringed instrument imaginable; from 3-string balalaika to a 12-string bandurria and everything in between. Let your imagination run free.
  • Predefined scales and chords are built-in. Select from the growing list of scales and chords. Better yet create your own and rock out with your newfound creativity.

Please join forces and let me know what you like about Scale Tapper. This is an app for musicians by musicians and I continue to use all your feedback to make improvements. Send a message on Twitter, leave a comment on the discussion page, and subscribe to the newsletter on the Scale Tapper homepage. And of course be sure to check out for the latest web edition of Scale Tapper: Online.

Exploring Chords and String Instruments | Scale Tapper for iPad

Lately I have been working on, but one interesting capability of Scale Tapper for iOS is as a chord exploration tool.  Let’s take a look at a couple examples of working with chords, and soon you’ll be designing your own chords with custom fingerings that achieve the sound you have been searching for.

Scale Tapper Major Triad in C

Major Triad in Key of C

If we take a look at the C Major Triad we can interpret this chord as consisting of C-E-G. The major triad consists of the root note, and two notes four and seven semitones higher than the root. This is easy to visualize on the pitch constellation, as we can count 4 semitones from C to E and 7 semitones from C to G.

Tapping the guitar icon we can bring up the interactive fretboard. By default the fretboard is tuned to a classic guitar, E-A-D-G-B-E. We can see the classic C Major Triad indicated as well as many other possible fingerings. If you have a guitar available you can try out these alternative fingerings. If not you can play the notes directly one at a time or simultaneously on the fretboard in Scale Tapper.

C Major Triad Fretboard - Basic Guitar Tuning

C Major Triad Fretboard for Basic Guitar

As you can tell Scale Tapper does not limit you to specific fingerings or even specific tunings. Let’s take a look at the same C Major Triad with a drop D guitar tuning. Open Settings by tapping on the wheel icon. Here you can select the Number of Strings, String Tuning, and Number of Frets Per Screen. Let’s tap on the String Tuning button and the tuning wheel will appear. To change from the default guitar tuning to drop D simply tap twice on the -1/2 button. This will drop the tuning two semitones or one full note. When done simply tap the Update button to update the String Tuning and tap the Done button to leave Settings.

Scale Tapper Settings - Drop D Guitar Tuning

Drop D Guitar Tuning in Settings

Now let’s take a look at the fretboard again. As you can see with this tuning you can still play the classic C Major chord this time with a barre or capo on the second fret. You could also play it as you would a D Major chord on the classic E tuning. With Scale Tapper there is no limit to your originality.

C Major Triad - Drop D Tuning

Drop D guitar tuning – C Major Triad

As we have shown Scale Tapper can become any stringed instrument we can imagine. Let’s switch to iPhone mode and take a look at how we could find Ukulele tunings. Scale Tapper is Universal so the same version runs on all your iOS devices. First we will go straight to Settings and select Number of Strings: 4 and tap on the String Tuning button. Let’s tap on Presets and we see that concert/tenor ukulele is an option as G-C-E-A (The famous “Goats Can Eat Anything.”) Tap Update and Done and we’ll bring up the G Minor Triad chord from the list. Simply spin the wheel to change the key of the chord or scale. Then tap the guitar icon and we will see G Minor Triad highlighted along with some possible fingerings for this chord.

Scale Tapper as Ukulele on iPhone

iPhone as a Ukulele with Scale Tapper

So what have we learned? Scale Tapper is an extremely versatile app for learning and experimenting with scales and chords. For any string instrument you can imagine or invent you now have the power to take it to the next level with Scale Tapper. Scale Tapper is Available on the App Store as a Universal binary for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Rise above simply memorizing chords and scales and let your creativity guide you to a new dimension of music.