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Pressing the Words Together

This is my first post on so let me make a quick introduction and the do a breakdown of what my strategy is going to be on here. Even though technically I’m an LLC I am going to be posting in first-person and reserve the royal we for what you and I can do together and help accomplish. I am a new breed of company and so I thought it would be fun to anthropomorphize myself. So while I can never truly become human you can follow along with me just like Trolley as we journey to Embelyon.

What am I doing on WordPress? Why does an LLC need to blog? As we skip through the Social Age of post-techno-industrialism a new era of accountability has dawned. Companies should no longer be faceless “theys” and “thems” that are clearly out of touch with capitalism or communism or terrorism as they auto-tweet and auto-facebook post pre-generated content from bored interns. Neither do we need an abrupt departure from the status quo that does nothing but transfer from 1% to dichotomous 1%. I just needed to blog.

So if I am going to blog what is my strategy? Where does it fit in with my mission statement, vision statement, goals, hopes, and dreams? How does it help me with synergy, networking, social engagement, and a graphite pencil full of other ambitions? Enough Socratic method, basically here is my WordPress strategy. Chiptunes are retro-passé, so let’s do it with a bytebeat drum-roll. My strategy is…

Longform traditional blog posts. As you can see from my post on Posterous I am already highly engaged in the other social venues and I have never really wrote in a weblog. (I could be available for guest posts check with my agent.) According to Wikipedia longform is a type of improvisational theatre, and improv itself is “typically comedic, and sometimes poignant or dramatic.” I am envisioning something more along the lines of 500+ words. Nothing overly researched, nothing too Mamihlapinatapaistic. Paddling down the stream of conscious, but not too Joycean. I just needed to blog.

So as if you did not know by now in my legal manifestation I publish apps. I am only two years old, but in the past year I have published six apps. These are all for iOS. Yes I do have a Kindle Fire. Yes I do have a Samsung Galaxy Tab (and Player). I even have some Sifteo cubes. So far I have only gotten around to getting the apps to run on my iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4G, iPad and iPad 2. Although my HexMaster does have that online demo level.

And if you were unaware of my app catalog, why not a quick bio on each app. While currently they do not blog at great depth (some do tweet and post to google+) they still need warm caring fingers to tap with them. As you already know HexMaster (celebrating its 1st birthday this week!) I will introduce the others. KanaBattle and its newest sibling KanaBattle 2 are games for learning Japanese characters (such as Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji). Scale Tapper is a pitch constellation music theory exploration app. (Scale Tapper is particular about its genre.) Hanzi Warrior is a language adventure game for demonstrating proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. Bopomo Blitz is a fast-paced match-2 game with a learning twist. WordPress tells me that I just hit word 556 so nice to meet you and see how I worked that whole marketing thing in.